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Some imagery taken at the 8th Meeting of the Community of Users on Secure, Safe and Resilient Societies event in Brussels on the 12-14th of September 2017.  

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The RESILENS project is being disseminated on the "Prevention Web" website. Following the link:    http://www.preventionweb.net/events/view/55294  -

Buy Genuine Valium Online

  In this short video, Ben Ellis from Skills from Justice takes us through the Resource Bank. We're hoping to share more video's of the Elearning Hub as the development progresses, the completed hub will be available from April 2018!

Buy Veterinary Diazepam

Modern societies have never been so exposed to natural and technological disaster situations as they are today. BEING INFORMED, PREPARED, AND KNOWING how to ACT are key priorities for dealing with disruptive events that occur in the world, everywhere, randomly and without prior warning. Continuing the investment started in 2010 by joining to the United [...]

Buy Diazepam Bulk

On the 14th of September, the RESILENS project (coordinated by FAC) hosted a Workshop as part of the 8th Meeting of the European Commission ‘Community of Users’ on Secure, Safe and Resilient Societies in Brussels, Belgium. The workshop served to offer attendees a more thorough and detailed overview of RESILENS’ progress to date, including the [...]

Buy Diazepam Cheap Online Uk

Between 12-14 September the RESILENS project partners participated in the 8th Meeting of the European Commission ‘Community of Users’ on Secure, Safe and Resilient Societies in Brussels, Belgium. The event comprised of a Plenary Session focusing on the Horizon 2020 ‘Secure Societies’ Work Programme 2018-2020, and a two-day joint Workshop entitled ‘Aligning the Resilience Related [...]

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