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The effects of CI failures  as illustrated by events such as the Tohuku earthquake in Eastern Japan or Hurricane Sandy in New York show how a breakdown in CI systems can bring about catastrophic consequences. Furthermore, with increased dependencies between different CI systems i.e. water supply dependent on electricity for pumping stations, modern banking depending on ICT and fire services dependent on water supply, the cascading effects of a breakdown in one system on other interconnected systems, is also of significant concern. A fault in an electricity transmission network in Northern Germany which resulted in a blackout for more than 15 million people across Western Europe in 2006 exemplifies the type of cascading effects on transport, healthcare systems, financial services and societal security and safety that can quickly arise when there is a failure of critical infrastructureBuy Real Valium Online. Another example of the importance of resilience efforts to safeguarding CI arose when a Russian-Ukraine gas dispute escalated in 2009 resulting in a major disruption to the gas supply of many European States with thousands of homes and business left without electricity. As these examples  illustrate, CIs are increasingly connected to the functioning of society and economy and is of paramount importance to the quality of life, security and well-being of all European citizens.

Therefore where the interest in resilience has been largely shaped by recent disaster events and their social consequences, so too has the focus on CI resilience sprung from the need to minimise critical service disruptions, accidents and in particular, cascading failures.

A working definition for Critical Infrastructure Resilience (CIR) has been provided for use in the RESILENS project. It defines CIR as:

Can You Buy Valium Over The Counter In Australia Union for the Coordination of the Transmission of Electricity (2006) Final Report System Disturbance on 4 November 2006.

“a transformative, cyclical process, that builds capacities in technical, social and organisational resources for critical system function, so as to mitigate the  impacts of disruptive events and long-term incremental changes, thus guaranteeing the continued provision of its basic functions. CIR is based upon new forms of risk management, adaptability and the assessment of potential trade-offs between parts of a system”.
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