Irish Water (IW) is the new national utility responsible for the delivery of water and waste water services to some 1.8m customers across Ireland. Irish Water is responsible for all public water services infrastructure assets (drinking water and waste water) and for planning and targeting investment in improved national water services infrastructure to meet present and future needs within the Republic of Ireland.

In January 2014, Irish Water took over responsibility for the provision of public water services from the 34 Irish local authorities.  Irish Water now has responsibility for the supply of drinking water to over 80% of the population via 1,027 separate public water supplies as well as the collection and treatment of wastewater from 1,069 separate agglomerations. Irish Water has taken over a large portfolio of assets, including several thousand smaller installations including pump stations, 58,000km of water pipelines and an estimated 35,000km of wastewater pipelines.

Irish Water has been established as an asset management driven business, in line with best international practice in the water utility sector and this represents a radical transformation in the water services planning and delivery model in Ireland. Irish Water prioritises investments from a whole-life cost perspective.

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