Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin (TCD) is Ireland’s oldest university founded in 1592. As Ireland’s leading university TCD brings a range of expertise and experience to the consortium with experts from the School of Psychology (Centre for Innovative Human Systems), School of Law and School of Engineering. TCD leads package 5 Harmonisation. The School of Psychology’s role in EU security projects has typically been to study the organisational context of major emergency management using the human-centred concept of operations (CONOPS) approach. This involves the development of an intgrated inter-agency organisational framework allowing for greater clarity of roles, the identification of user-requirements, management of resources, planning and the anticipation of potential areas of conflict. The CONOPS framework will be an essential resource for the evaluation and validation of RESILENS concepts, processes, methods and tools.

TCD’s School of Law brings a range of expertise relating to the legal context including the areas of EU law, environmental and planning law and regulatory theory, and contributes in particular in terms of the legal implications of regualtory tool choices within RESILENS.

TCD’s School of Engineering, Dept. of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, contributes expertise in civil and structural engineering relating to the issue of the resilience of essential infrastructural assets and related engineering reslience assessment methods.

Specialist areas of expertise of brought by TCD can be summarised as follows:

  • Human and organisational Factors (human-centred CONOPS)
  • Legal and ethical, data protection and privacy, regulatory context
  • Civil and structural engineering risk and resilience assessment methods

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