Collaboration is key to the successful delivery of RESILENS

Coordinator Future Analytics Future Analytics Consulting (FAC) oversees the overall project management and coordination aspects of the RESILENS project. FAC is also involved in the development of the resilience methodologies, the resilience management matrix and audit toolkit, and the ERMG formulation (including table-top testing). Project communication and dissemination activities are also carried out. Form more [...]

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RESILENS – Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure (CI) at time of crisis or disaster

Due to the dependency on these infrastructures, disruptions to the normal operation, or the removal or suspension of such services would significantly affect public safety, security, economic activity or environmental quality within the surrounding area and on a larger scale. Therefore there is a clear need to identify, develop and operationalise resilience approaches and methods [...]

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RESILENS Project visit to EDP Distribuição – Energia, S.A, Lisbon

EDP is one of the largest energy (electricity and gas) distributers in the Iberian peninsula, with a strong presence in Brazil and considerable investments in USA.  In Portugal EDP has an installed capacity of 8,911 MW, 5.7 Million Electricity customers, electricity generation  of  22,723 GWh  and electricty distribution of 43,858 GWh .  EDP have 224,000 [...]

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Question and Answer….with Dr William Hynes

As part of gaining a better understanding of the part people play in the project and what their individual thoughts or on the programme of work, we will be undertaking a series of Question and Answer sessions with key people, partners and stakeholders and sharing these thoughts with all those involved in the project. This [...]

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Project Round up – General Assembly Meeting Lisbon 22-23rd September

The management structures for RESILENS comprise several governance bodies: Work Packages (WP) leaders, the General Assembly (GA), the Executive Board (EB) and the Advisory Board (AB), as illustrated above. The General Assembly (GA) is responsible for the overall success of RESILENS. The GA consists of 1 senior representative from each Partner in the Consortium, who [...]

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The RESILENS project

The frequency and severity of impacts of disaster and crises events has channeled attention to vulnerable physical assets, with a particular focus on critical infrastructure (CI). The removal or suspension of critical infrastructure assets from normal service significantly affect public safety, security, economic activity or environmental quality. A breakdown in any one of these assets [...]

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