The resilience management tools developed by the RESILENS project were presented and tested by different critical infrastructure providers, owners and stakeholders in a workshop held in Lisbon on the 6th of October, 2016. The resilience management matrix and audit toolkit (REMMAT) and the European Resilience Management Guideline produced by the RESILENS project were evaluated. The REMMAT is a web based tool which is aimed for use by critical infrastructure providers to assess their resilience levels and supports the development of strategies which could potentially be applied to enhance the resilience of the critical infrastructures. The ERMG which is still in the draft development stages provides guidelines to support the operationalisation of resilience management in critical infrastructures.

Representatives from different EU CI sectors and oversight bodies were present at the table-top testing workshop: Health (Hospital CUF Descobertas), Energy (EDP Distribuição, EDP Produção, GALP Energia), Banking and Finance (Banco BPI), Transportation (Metropolitano Lisboa), Public & Legal Order and Safety (Sistema de Segurança Interna), Water (Lisbon water supply -EPAL), Civil Administration (Câmara Municipal de Lisboa), and the oversight Portugese National Authority for Civil Protection (ANPC). The National laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC) and Portugese Sea and Atmosphere institute (IPMA) were also in attendance.

The workshop was provided a unique opportunity for kicking off potential collaboration activities with two recent EU H2020 funded projects: RESCCUE – RESilence to cope with Climate Change in Urban arEas – a multisectorial approach focusing on water and BINGO – Bringing INnovation to onGOing Water Management – a better future under climate change ( The RESILENS project looks forward to working with both projects.