EDP Distribuição, as partner of the RESILENS Project, was invited to participate on a IMPROVER Project Workshop on which had the opportunity to show a brief presentation on RESILENS scope, its main objectives and an overview of the RES-DSP (RESILENS Decision Support Platform). This was a great opportunity to share some of the outputs developed by our project, such as ReMMAT, ERMG, and E-learning HUB, and also to explain the methodology for the resilience assessment included.

IMPROVER it’s also a project funded under the EU Horizon 2020 call for DRS-7-2014: Crises and disaster resilience – operationalizing resilience concepts, and its Pilot Implementation Workshop took place in Barreiro, Portugal, on the 30th and 31st of January, and provided a meaningful opportunity for interaction between different stakeholders and the consortium partners.

At the workshop, IMPROVER consortium has presented the results of their methodologies, applied to the water sector resilience, in this case to Barreiro’s water supply system. It was also shared the results from their critical infrastructure resilience framework.

As booth projects were developed under the same DRS7 call and objectives, it was possible to identify that in the common scope of Critical Infrastructures (CI) Sectors, different approaches can be made, with distinctive dynamic and methodologies that can propose to increase resilience in CI and its operators. There is a will to capacitate CI owners to become more resilient, which allow them to be more prepared to support communities needs in case of disruption.