Effective dissemination and stakeholder engagement is fundamental to the success of the RESILENS project. It has therefore been essential that dissemination activities take place in a coherent and structured manner in order to maximise the project’s impact and outreach across key stakeholder groupings, with the central aim of ensuring that the project’s research findings and outputs are widely recognised by the entire key CI stakeholder environment in Europe, including those stakeholders who also operate globally.

The dissemination and exploitation activities of RESILENS have been carefully orchestrated to allow the project outputs to be readily disseminated. The dissemination activities have been mainly designed to enable the project receive valuable feedback, which has in turn been used to further improve and refine the RESILENS tools to be more effective for CI resilience management, and as the basis for the development of the RESILENS E-Learning Hub.

Such activities have included the formal and informal dissemination of key findings and outcomes from the major stages of the project, including identifying SOTA and gap analysis, results from stakeholder consultations and the developed resilience management tools methodological innovations and harmonisation.  The project dissemination has been carried out through existing partner (academic and professional) networks, presentations at national and international conferences in appropriate domains and publications in peer review journals, proceeding and book chapters.

A listing of the major dissemination actions and outputs by the RESILENS project and partners are presented under the conference and events participation and publications tab.