Question and Answer…. with Bill Nolan


This issue, to continue with our series of Question and Answer sessions with key people, partners and stakeholders, we are speaking to the Risk Management Specialist, Bill Nolan from Irish Water.

Bill manages the Risk Management Team in IW and his primary responsibility is to oversee the development and implementation of asset risk management policies and procedures. Bill is a Chartered Engineer and prior to joining Irish Water worked for various Engineering Consultancies in Dublin, based predominantly in their water services departments. Bill has 12 years’ experience in the water industry and is a Civil Engineering graduate from UCD in 2004.


Question 1: Tell us about your role in the project?

Answer: I am coordinating the IW inputs. We have three main staff working on the project (and now a fourth during the table top testing) but coordinating our inputs is my responsibility.


Question 2: How do you think the project will benefit the wider public?

Answer: There should be a hidden benefit such that utility operators will increase or improve their resilience management practices which would have the result of lower number of events that would negatively impact a utilities customers being realised. Improved resilience management practices should also decrease the length of any supply interruptions to customers. It should also reduce the probability of catastrophic failures with more serious consequences (such as dam breaks)


Question 3: How are you engaging the key target users?

Answer: My main engagement with target end users is within IW. During WP4 we’ve been engaging others in IW outside of the RESILENS project team to assist in the table top testing and also to see what they think of what is being developed. I have had in frequent contact with other end users at the request of RESILENS project partners to get them to fill in questionnaires, etc.


Question 4: Why do you think this project is going to be successful?

Answer: What defines success for the project? For me as an end user a successful outcome would be the availability of a useful & helpful guidance document, toolkit and e-learning site that are maintained over time ensuring that they provide a valuable resource to IW. I’m not sure that the same definition of success would be used by all partners though! So with that in mind, I’m not sure yet that the project will be a success in my eyes.


Question 5: What is the legacy of the project?

Answer: As per my definition of success above.


Question 6: How does the project work in-conjunction with other similar projects?

Answer: We are not involved in similar projects. However, I can see us utilising the deliverables from RESILENS in the refinement of our emergency response protocols and in our emergency response plans.