The RAIN (Risk Analysis of Infratructure Networks in response to extreme weather) project final event is scheduled for Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Ireland on the 24th of March 2017.

The RAIN vision is to provide an operational analysis framework that identifies critical infrastructure components impacted by extreme weather events and minimise the impact of these events on the EU infrastructure network. The project has a core focus on land based infrastructure with a much wider consideration of the ancillary infrastructure network in order to identify cascading and inter-related infrastructure issues.

The aim of the Final Event is to disseminate the significant achievements and results of the project over the past 3 years. The findings will be presented from alternative perspectives, including establishing thresholds for extreme weather events in the face of a changing climate, developing decision support tools for infrastructure owners and operators, crisis coordination and response planning based on recent cases, risk-based decision making, technical solutions for risk mitigation and their implementation considering the current status of European infrastructural elements and networks. At the end of the day an expert panel of stakeholders will discuss the outputs of the project in the context of the challenges which they, as owners and operators, face.

There is no fee for participation, however places are limited so early registration is essential.

The output of RAIN will aid decision making in the long term, securing new robust infrastructure development and protection of existing infrastructure against climate change and increasingly more unpredictable weather patterns.

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