International Day for Disaster Reduction – 13 October 2016

Following the appeal of the United Nations, on the 13 October – “International Day for Disaster Reduction”, the Lisbon’s Municipal Civil Protection Service (SMPC) promoted several actions to inform and educate the population. This year under the LIVE TO TELL motto has given prominence to the involvement of different target audiences and the need to establish and maintain interdependencies, share experiences and contribute to good mitigation practices considering p otential human, material and environmental damages. The Lisbon City Council through the SMPC and as a RESILENS partner promoted this event to disclosure the need to adopt behaviors and policies that contribute to increasing resilience regarding the occurrence of disasters: this is a challenge that should involve critical infrastructure operators, stakeholders and the society in order to strength alliances at different scales.

Dissemination materials

As dissemination strategy on “What is resilience?” Lisbon’s Municipal Civil Protection Service (SMPC) developed some learning materials directed to children, youth, seniors and disabled, in order to transmit short and direct messages whose content can be wide interpreted. It resorted to the use of symbolic language, associating colors and pictograms to the meaning of warning and alert levels employed for emergency or disaster events.

In a playful and educational way, the materials produced contribute to the goals for dissemination set by RESILENS project and will be used on training and information initiatives carried out by SMPC. Its production and application will also be disseminated through social media.