Lisbon City Hall’s Civil Protection Service, are one of our RESILENS project partners and will be involved in pilot testing during RESILENS, providing us with a particular focus on how our guidelines and resources can support wider public awareness.  Lisbon City Hall’s Civil Protection have identified children as one of their main ‘targets’ to raise safety and public awareness and help develop community resilience.


Lisbon City Hall has been working on  Growing in Safety, a children’s programme since 1992.  A key part of their programme and message is Tinoni, an innovative cartoon dog, who is used in a range of video, games and marketing material for children, to raise awareness of potential hazards in daily life and deliver important safety messages in a child friendly and highly educational way.  During the RESILENS project teams visit to Lisbon, we were honoured to have a guided tour of ‘Tinoni’s Home’  In this house, children learn to identify the day-to-day risks they face and the rules which apply to each situation.

During the activities different topics are approached:

  • Safety in the street and in public spaces
  • Safety at home
  • Earthquakes and how to protect yourself
  • Fire prevention and how to protect yourself

The Tinoni’s Home project is targeted at children aged 5-10. Schools from Lisbon City and surrounding areas book school trips to Tinoni’s Home. Lisbon City Hall’ s Civil Protection trained technicians  take small groups through different rooms in the house, and a street scene, to identify dangers and raise awareness of safety messages through games and play.  There are also a range of games and supporting materials that can be used by teachers, parents and community groups to reinforce the safety messages and raise public awareness.

Lisbon City Hall’s Civil Protection is developing their Growing in Safety Programme and Tinoni’s House project further by creating content focussed on resilience, climate change and internet safety. Their aim is to translate all the content and  supporting materials into other languages (already available in Portuguese and English) to reach more population groups  e.g. emigrants and visually impaired and are exploring external funding opportunities or sponsorships to fund this.

Many thanks to Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (Lisbon City Hall’s) Civil Protection Unit staff for their hospitality and providing us with such an inspirational and thought provoking visit.

Further details of Tinoni’s House can be found at  including a list of the topics they provide safety awareness in and pedagogical content