EDP is one of the largest energy (electricity and gas) distributers in the Iberian peninsula, with a strong presence in Brazil and considerable investments in USA.  In Portugal EDP has an installed capacity of 8,911 MW, 5.7 Million Electricity customers, electricity generation  of  22,723 GWh  and electricty distribution of 43,858 GWh .  EDP have 224,000 Portugeuse customers for Gas and distribute 6,938 GWh of gas.

EDP Distribuição is the distribution arm of EDP, serving over 6 Million customers in a highly regulated environment.  They have various Low Voltage Concession contracts  granted by the 278 Portugeuse municipalites  and  a High/Medium Voltage distribution contract granted by Portugeuse Government.  Through these they have responsibility for the planning, construction and maintenance of the National Electricity Distribution network; Operation of the National Electricity Distribution network and provide market support for switching and metering.


During our Lisbon trip, RESILENS project group were provided with a fascinating tour of one of EDPs network dispatch control centres.  This is split into departments specialising in high, medium and low voltage electricity distribution.  Specialist engineers staff these departments;  constantly monitoring the distribution network performance and using their specialist knowledge and skills, and a range of computer programmes and controls to re-divert the distribution channels, test and fix lines remotely, or support and guide on the ground maintenance and repair teams.  EDP have a constantly evolving, sophisticated and highly developed risk assessment and resilience plan, which is fully tested at times of crises such as the last great storm that hit Portugal.  RESILENS project team were impressed with EDP’s existing resilience planning and keen to use EDP’s experience as a Critical Infrastructure partner to inform development of RESILENS Resilience guidelines, interactive tools and learning resources.

EDP is one of RESILENS project partners who will be actively involved in pilot testing RESILENS project outputs. Many thanks to EDP Directors and staff for their hospitality and providing us with such an informative visit.