Due to the dependency on these infrastructures, disruptions to the normal operation, or the removal or suspension of such services would significantly affect public safety, security, economic activity or environmental quality within the surrounding area and on a larger scale. Therefore there is a clear need to identify, develop and operationalise resilience approaches and methods to assist CI stakeholders in preparing, responding to and recovering from likely disaster events.

The overarching objectives for the RESILENS project are:

  • The operationalisation of crisis and disaster resilience concepts for CI.
  • The strengthening of CI (i.e. for water, energy, transport) which provide essential services and underpin socio-economic activity.
  • Effective and coherent crises and disaster resilience management
  • Build on and advance the findings of the European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection (EPCIP), the EU demonstration project, DRIVER, and relevant EU projects.
  • Operationalisation of the ERMG and Resilience management tools of the RES-DSP developed in the project, through pilot demonstrations.
  • Develop a Concept of Operations framework (CONOPS) focused on the roles of the various actors, their interactions & critical dependencies.
  • Using the ERMG, provide a solid foundation on which future regulatory standards for application across all CI sectors may be formulated.

Through this EU funded project, under the title of RESILENS, will undertake a detailed review of international research and practice in resilience, and produce a redefined and innovative concept of resilience for CI that integrates best practice in vulnerability reduction and risk assessments with resilience management principles. As part of this work, consultation will be sought from CI operators, emergency responders and other CI stakeholders to provide an evidence base on which the concept of CI resilience will be formulated. The project will also look to explore the application of resilience concepts within existing resilience methodologies, with specific attention given to the interrelated area of Risk Management and Risk Assessment and the requirement to link desired outputs with ongoing efforts in the area of EU wide risk assessment and mapping.

The ultimate output of the project is to form a RESILENS Decision Support Platform (RES-DEP) that will provide all CI stakeholders including operators, an online, easy-to-access, management guide that can provide a useful resource to managing CI in a disaster or crisis scenario. This will link into other European resilience schemes and where appropriate other European policies that will affect the outcome of resilience management.

Figure 2 - RESILENS